What we stand for
Make a customer, not a sale.

Head in the clouds, feet in the crowds. Some call it holocratic, we call it “The P&P spirit”. We are engaged and curious, real and honest. We deliver what we promise. We care about our employees and our clients alike.

Marketing consulting and execution is our expertise .

Strategic branding
We help companies interested in developing their organization using market needs or branding. We move away from static branding towards a more agile branding approach that incorporates corporate strategic alignment and a focus on digital transformation and integration.

1-to-1 marketing
We understand that marketing campaigns need to be tailored to specifically match the needs of each client to ensure a consistent focus on both sales and profitability. We enhance traditional campaigning with more data-driven, real-time campaigning while focusing on omni-channel communication management and making it measurable.

Customer Experience Design
We are convinced that marketing campaigns developed with a crystal-clear focus and individualized for every target person will bring sustainable growth in sales and profits. We design campaigns that run the gamut from one-to-all to one-to-one: data-driven and in real time through all available channels so that communications with your customers can be guaranteed throughout the campaign’s entire lifecycle.

P&P-style consulting means:
We listen. We think and work analytically, sometimes even spontaneously. And we are always passionate about what we do.

P&P-style concepts:
are always well-structured and open-minded. They may seem outrageous at first, but we never lose sight of the goal.

P&P-style creativity:
means being intelligent, sexy, surprisingly blunt, maybe even bold, but always convincing.

P&P-style design:
is clever, focused, groundbreaking, but always in line with your needs.

P&P-style production:
when we produce, we are flexible, we work hard, we rely on the newest technologies and we always choose the right path.

P&P-style networks:
we network locally as well as internationally, always enthusiastically but never out of place.