Canada meets Switzerland #Wanderbrief experience

Danielle Thompson, Interaction Designerin from Toronto, creates digital worlds for start ups in Canada. As a wanderbriefer she worked two weeks for P&P.


P&P: Is there any difference to work in Canada or in Switzerland?
Danielle: The work culture in Switzerland was very holistic in the sense that at the office, we were a community. I think in Canada people don’t spend as much time with their coworkers after work. It was nice to see how everyone genuinely wanted to spend time together after work.

P&P: Which are the biggest cultural differences?
Danielle: I liked how efficient things were in Switzerland. You could see this in the work culture as well. I also think culturally there is a big appreciate for food, or maybe that’s just in the office haha! I don’t think this is as prevalent in Canada.

P&P: How did you experience this change from Toronto to Winterthur?
Danielle: Winterthur is a much smaller town than Toronto. My favourite change was the access to nature in Winterthur. Within 10 minutes you can be at the head of a trial! The food culture is also very different with the local markets on the weekend, you can see people really value locally made products.